Hi, I'm Alastair Paragas

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer, capable of developing front-end, server-side and systems-level software using the following technologies:

PHP - a high-level general utility programming language that excels for server-side OOP-based software development.

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I've mantained some of my grad school notes accessible here! I'm a fan of material from various online courses, from Robert Shiller's Financial Markets course in Yale (available on iTunesU) and Advanced Machine Learning from the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Russia (available on Coursera)

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About Me

I started programming in Freshman Year of High School, when I got my first personal computer (April 2010). I immediately was mesmerized and got into building graphical desktop apps with Visual Basic.

During my Sophomore Year, I started developing websites and web apps with PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS and using the same web technologies, along with Apache Cordova, to make hybrid mobile apps. I developed a flash game portal website - My Right To Play, similar to NewGrounds and FreeOnlineGames (FOG), hosting only high-quality flash games along with my friend's own built Adobe Flash games. Junior Year of High School, I balanced between redesigning MRTP multiple times along with developing Game Sanctuary's website, backend and mobile app (Game Sanctuary was a family business we developed that directly competed against GameFly's business model). Senior Year of High School, I entered and won engineering competitions for open-source software development, technological debate, web design and mobile app development.

My College years were at first, disappointing but turned highly enjoyable. As I had to redefine who I was from a person who sought external validation to a person who powered through internal inspiration, I was able to turn my grim first years of personal questioning in College to a highly enjoyable experience. Part of this experience is amassing as much programming as I can on my free time - investing in improving my ugly PHP code skills during Freshman year, learning Javascript, the NodeJS ecosystem and various libraries/frameworks like Angular my Sophomore Year and picking up intensive Database and Big Data/Software architecture scaling principles as well as best application practices in Python on my Junior Year. In my classes, I was able to pickup Java, C, F# and Prolog, applying some of them even in my own personal projects. Nowadays, I am bent on picking up Haskell.

I have also come to lose 90 pounds within 4 months back in May 2012-September 2012 through a rigorous commitment to exercise and eating right. It was a core experience that has helped define my personality to today.